Accessibility products for Person with Reduced Mobility (PRM) in public highways and Public-Access Building (PAB)

Our products are made in order to help motions of person with disabilities.
They ensure the security of Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) and persons who are blind and visually impaired by guiding them in the street as well as in housing, workplaces and PAB.

PRM: let yourself be guided!

The MOBILE range includes truncated domes, tactile guiding surfaces and anti-slip products.
These accessibility solutions are reserved for professionals (local authorities, craftsmen, applicators, shops...) and can be used outdoors and/or indoors depending on the products. They all comply with french NF standards and the decrees in place concerning the progress of disabled people.

Truncated domes – LABRADOR Range

Already widely used on pedestrian crossings and along public transport platforms, truncated domes are mandatory in PAB and in facilities open to the public, particularly at the top of stairs. The visually impaired person will detect the domes of the strips with its foot or walking stick, alerting him to imminent danger and encouraging him to be more vigilant.

We offer several models of truncated domes with different appearance, colours and dimensions (strips, nails, domes to be stuck or adhesive ones). These products can be placed on different substrates and are particularly non-slip.
They comply in all respect with the NF P98-351 standard, which defines their appearance and positioning.

Tactile guiding surfaces – MILAN Range

The tactile guiding surfaces are visual and tactile cues placed end-to-end on the ground, allowing visually impaired people to orient themselves from point A to point B in the same way as a breadcrumb trail. Their ribs and visual contrast make it easy to be detected and guided.
Tactile guiding strips are generally placed in large PAB and public spaces where visually impaired people may have difficulty getting their bearings.

We manufacture and market tactile guiding strips of different materials, textures and colours, both for indoor and outdoor use. This range called MILAN, complies in all respects with the NF P98-352 standard, which precisely defines their characteristics and implementation.

Anti-slip products – GECKO Range

Slips and falls are a major danger to people, whether they are disabled or not. The law strongly recommends that surfacing should be non-slip in PABs and workplaces (articles R4214 and R235-3): in Europe, falls are one of the most frequent causes of workplace accidents.

GECKO Range offers indoor and outdoor anti-slip solutions that increase safety and limit the risk of falling in high-risk areas: stairs, access ramps, slippery or moisture-prone areas... It includes stair nosings and flat profiles to secure your stairs and access ramps. Our first models are filled with non-slip resin in various colours.
You will also find tapes and anti-slip paint suitable for large areas.

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