Photoluminescent stair nosing

GECKO A'LUX stair nosing to screw

Réf. : SEC0372/SEC0373
PHOTOLUMINESCENT A'LUX black stair nosing PHOTOLUMINESCENT A'LUX stair nosing by night PHOTOLUMINESCENT A'LUX stair nosing by day PHOTOLUMINESCENT A'LUX yellow stair nosing
Utilisable en extérieur / Exterior use
Utilisable en intérieur / Interior use
Jaune / Yellow / Gelb
Noir / Black / Schwarz

Aluminium stair nosing + resin made of marble aggregates + photoluminescent insert
Luminous effect in stairs' steps. Autonomous system. 
Recommended for local authorities, industrial workplaces, offices, production facilities, stairs, garages, parkings...
Not suitable for cinemas, night clubs because these places do not have enough light to charge the strip.
Minimum exposure: 150 lux. at the place of the stair nosing.

Caractéristiques techniques

Profile's format:
Length: 2770 mm
Width: 72 mm
Stair riser: 55 mm
Thickeness: 3 mm
Width of photoluminescent strip: 8 mm

Tints: black and yellow

Packaging: 4 units per tube

Type of fixing: screw fixing. Delivered without screws and bolts.