Accessories and glues

Disabled parking bay stencil made of PVC
Produit d'accessibilité pour l'intérieur et l'extérieur

Stencil template made of wood or PVC

Light, easy to handle and reusable

Free position of the pieces, stencil cleaning 

Fast application on many substrates, long life

Resin bound gravel HERACLES / Ideal for slopes


HERACLES is a bi-component methacrylate resin well adapted to the bonding of aggregates of high granulometry of 5mm. It is also well adapted to synthetic cobblestones for the construction of decorative areas or danger areas such as pedestrian crossings, school exits, cycle lanes...

  • High adherence
  • High resistance
  • Flexible and comfort of use
  • Ideal on sloping floor 
  • Granulometry up to 5/8
ACTISOL Adhesive Activator
Produit d'accessibilité extérieur

Increases adhesion of MX adhesive products

In reaction with the MX adhesive, Acti-sol increases considerably the adhesion with the substrate.

ACTI-SOL must be applied (without soaking) on the substrate before the installation of any product using the MX adhesive ("Adhesif MX5" or "Adhesif MX15" products).

VIAPRIM 7 kg - MMA primer

MMA primer

Intended for concrete support.

Ease of use and high reactivity, VIAPRIM can cover the support very quickly.

T PRIM primer is available in 5 L can

Thermoplastic resin primer

- Garnishing texture.
- Optimal compatibility with hot products.
- Forms a hard, unsaponifiable film.

TX Primer
Produit d'accessibilité extérieur

Primer for thermoplastic on concrete and difficult substrates

Bi-component epoxy primer for thermoplastic products' application. 

Suitable for concrete and stone substrates and for pavement.

Quick drying.

MMA glue for MMA products
Produit d'accessibilité extérieur

Glue for methyl methacrylate products

Glue designed for sticking products of the accessibility range (tactile guiding strips or truncated domes) which helps blind people to make their way.

MSP 108 bostik glue
Produit d'accessibilité pour l'intérieur et l'extérieur

MS Mastic polymer for high-performance fixing

Ideal for fixing of stair nosing/ ALU XP40/50/55/65 flat profiles or steel tactile studs

  • Immediate powerful adhesion: immediate holding without scaffolding.
  • High resistance.
  • Solvent and isocyanate free.
  • High resistance to bad weather and UV radiations.
  • Does nott corrode metals.
  • High adherence, including on wet substrates.
  • Can be paint after whole polymerisation.

Compatible with all materials: brick, concrete, natural stone, mirror, iron, steel, aluminium, zinc, synthetic materials, wood, chipboard, cork, ceramic, PVC.