Granite tactile guiding surface - self-adhesive or to stick

MILAN GRANITE exterior guiding rail

Tactile guiding surface MILAN granite Tactile guiding surface MILAN granite on car park
Utilisable en extérieur / Exterior use
Crème / Cream / Creme
Granité blanc / White granite / weiß granit

The MILAN MTA GRANITE tactile guiding strip is made of methacrylate resin with 0.6/1.6 aggregates (corundum, marble, silica). It can be stuck or self-adhesive. For exterior use only.

  • Excellent non-slip performance due to the mineral aggregates. SRT pendulum test = 0.76, superior to the French NF P98-351 standard. AFPV friction coefficient: 0.54 (CEPV N°ONAG 09.096 of the group GINGER CEBTP)
  • Great traffic resistance
  • Superior durability
  • Low dirt accumulation
  • Excellent UV and weather resistance
  • Flexibility
  • 4 colours: white, black, grey, cream
  • Dyed in the mass. Coulour and dimensional stability.
  • Complies with the NF P98-352 French standard

Strengths of the self-adhesive system:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • No drying time
  • Rapid trafficability
  • Versatility of substrates (asphalt, concrete, granite...)
  • No special tools required
  • No smell
  • No waste

Our tactile guiding strips are available in 2 different widths: 17 cm (3 ribs) or 22 cm (4 ribs)

Caractéristiques techniques

3 ribs - 17 cm wide x 1 m (+/-5 mm)
4 ribs - 22 cm wide x 1 m (+/-5 mm)
Thickness: 8 mm

Standard colours: White, cream, grey. Other colours on request (minimum order of 40 units).

2 sticking methods:

Resistant installation system.


with the MTA glue or HERACLES.

Packaging: 4 or 10 units per box  (except 17 cm format: 10 units per box)