GUIDAO Stencil for tactile guiding strip

Stencil for tactile guiding strip

Réf. : PMA0377/PMA0378
GUIDAO Stencil GUIDAO Stencil - HERACLES gravelled resin strips GUIDAO Stencil - CALGARY cold resin strips

GUIDAO: tactile guiding strip that blends in well with your urban decorative surfacing

Foam adhesive roller serving as guide for tactile guiding strips' installation. 
Parts that are delimited by the roller's strips have to be filled with Héraclès resin (resin to be sprinkled with aggregates) or Calgary (white thermoplastic resin). 

Caractéristiques techniques

Available designs: 3 strips or 4 strips.

Guidao dimensions 3 strips: 10 m (L) x 21 cm (l) x 0,5 cm (E)
Guidao dimensions 4 strips: 10 m (L) x 21 cm (l) x 0,5 cm (E)

Guidao 3 strips (gravelled resin): Héraclès 8,5 kg + 6,5 kg aggregates 1.25-2.5
Guidao 4 strips (gravelled resin)Héraclès + aggregates: 11,5 kg
Guidao 3 strips (Calgary cold resin)9.5 kg
Guidao 4 strips (Calgary cold resin)12.7 kg

Packaging: 1 unit per box

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