Photoluminescent tactile warning strip


Réf. : SEC0341
LUX tactile warning strip in the dark LUX tactile warning strip in the day
Utilisable en intérieur / Interior use

Adhesive photoluminescent tactile warning surface in polyurethane resin for indoor.

Able to restore in the dark the natural or artificial light accumulated during the day.

Ideal in case of power cut and in interior areas with poor night lighting.

Not suitable for cinemas, night clubs, as these areas do not have enough light to charge up the strip.

Caractéristiques techniques

Dimensions: 60 x 40 cm

Packaging: 4 units per box

Remanence in mcd/m² :
1 min = 2100
30 min = 90
60 min = 42
Maximum duration of remanence: 12 hours. These remanence measurements are made after an illumination of 1000 lux.