Exterior thermoplastic tactile warning surface

Exterior thermoplastic tactile warning surface

Thermoplastic truncated dome LABRADOR VULCAIN - France

Réf. : PTC0548
Bande podotactile thermocollée Principe de pose semelle et dalle podotactile thermocollante
Utilisable en extérieur / Exterior use

Thermoplastic tactile warning surfacemade of thermocollate resin and tinted in mass.

- Presence of striated plots for an excellent anti-slip coefficient of 0.54 (AFPV, minimum requirement of the norm: 0.45)
- The podotactile band keeps its whiteness in time / Non-yellowing
- Non-Harmful Product
- Great flexibility

- Easy installation, without glue or tape, by simple gluing with a torch.
- No use of complementary products: installation accessible to all applicators even non specialists.
- Rapid implementation, for a very fast recirculation.

  • - Recommended: Use a laser thermometer to check the minimum melting temperature (200 ° C).
Caractéristiques techniques

Packaging: carton of 5 bands + 5 soles in format 40x60 cm

White Colour
Material: blowtorch

Heat the soles with a torch to a melt temperature of 200 ° C. Then place the podotactilse tiles on the melted soles.
The podotactile band does not heat with the blowpipe: it is the sole that must be heated.

For a complete technical description, see our data sheet.