custom ground marking

We bring all your thermoplastic road marking ideas to life

Develop your ground communication and customise your parking, parvis, doorways...

T CREATION is a single solution for outdoor durable and anti-slip marking. From now on you can contemplate your outdoor grounds as new communication medium !

5 times more durable than paint and industrially sprinkled of anti-skid plates, T CREATION is a thermoplastic road marking solution that is applied with a gas burner. Most of the parts are pre-applied to each other to facilitate their implementation.
On your request, we can adapt the shapes to make the design you wish in preparation for an application on surfacing or concrete.
With its variety of 10 colours, T CREATION enables you to customise your markings, corporate or visual identity, logos, messages...

Stand out from others with an unusual signage for your image !
This one will help you to seduce your customers: let's imagine the logo of your company, shop or trademark applied on your parking or in front of your establishment.

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