Renovation and floors’ protection for security

Protecting your floors from chemical or mechanical attacks is essential to increase its longevity. At Oré, we have developed our range of ROC "protection and renovation" products considering these priorities but also meeting the requirements of comfort, security and maintenance.
Choosing the right flooring is a good compromise between cost and desired performances. In addition to its technical properties, flooring contributes to create a safer, more durable and more aesthetic working or traffic space. It also makes them easier to maintain.
Our floor systems are designed to meet the mechanical and chemical constraints as well as the aesthetic requirements of your projects.

Thin films

They protect and decorate floors that are under high pedestrian traffic, chemical or mechanical constraints. These products can be tinted thanks to machines

Epoxy resins

Ideal system for sustained traffic, our epoxy resins are thicker than thin films, allowing them to support vehicle traffic in places such as car parks, warehouses, shops, or agri-food factories.

Self-levelling resins

Our self-levelling resins form a protective coat on your floor that protects it from damages. Very easy to maintain and very resistant, these hygienic resins are particularly used in the agri-food and medical sectors.


These primers prepare the substrate before applying a resin or thin film. They have a strong impregnation capacity of the substrate.

Floors maintenance

An important step of preparation and repairs of the substrate must precede any flooring. Our 2 repair products are epoxy mortars that can be used on crevasses and potholes or for surfacing, profiling and spackling of surface imperfections.