Réf. : RC-4000

Epoxy mortar
Three components
The resin provides an excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
Its mineral charges provide a great wear-off resistance
Enables the elimination of small surface defects such as: cracks, potholes
Perfectly resists to acid and alkaline solutions, but also to detergents, oils and hydrocarbons
Used for the repair of floors such as:
Laboratories of chemical, pharmaceutical, and electronics industry and garages, exhibition halls, stores, storage warehouse, offices, cloakrooms...
Delivered with the charge to be incorporated into the resin
Can be applied on any substrates such as:
New or old concrete, old paint

Caractéristiques techniques

delivered with the charge to be incorporated into the resin.

Consumption : 8 kg/m² vary according to repairing, see technical data sheet.
Density : 1.5 à 1.10 according to the fluidity needed
Appearance : Sand
Brilliance : 85%

Tools : Serrated squeege - float