2 components marking product

Réf. : 3S-8700
Applicable au pistolet
Utilisable en extérieur / Exterior use
Utilisable en intérieur / Interior use
Peut être nettoyé au diluant 3S
Est nettoyable au diluant ECO / ECO diluent / ECO Verdünner

Two-component marking product, based on epoxy-modified acrylic resin. Specially designed for tracing floor and underground car parks and in the industrial environment for ground signaling.


- Easy to apply

- Good resistane

- Great adhesion

- Fast drying

Caractéristiques techniques

Dosage maintenance: 400-600 g / m²

Dosage in new: 600 g / m²

Drying time at 20 ° C, excluding dust: 20 min.

Density: 1.65

Appearance: satiny 20%

Material: pistol - Roller