Réf. : 1270
Applicable au pistolet
Utilisable en intérieur / Interior use
Produit dilué et nettoyable à l'eau / Product diluted and cleanable with water


TULIPE has a high whiteness and is not yellowing, it is ideal for painting interior walls. This paint does not project and its low odor allows it to be applied in all rooms sensitive to odors (bedroom, living room, kitchen, offices, etc ...)

TULIPE dries rapidly, allowing a rapid commissioning of the premises and forms a hard film. Smooth, non-grainy appearance for optimum decorative effect.

Caractéristiques techniques

Density: 1.30
Appearance: velvety white
Specular gloss at 60 °: from 5% to 7% (NF T 30064)
Material: Brush, microfibre roller 8 or 12 mm, airless nozzle 17 to 21 according to the desired flow rate
Dry after 4 hours
Yield: 7 to 9 m² / l per layer depending on the nature of the substrate