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Oré - Manufacturer of professional products and partner of your trades
  • A 25 Millions € turnover
  • 70 employees with 12 sales representatives
  • 10 integrated departments
  • 2 sales outlets
  • 3000 references
  • 600 raw materials
  • A productive capacity of approximately 25 000 tons per year

Created in 1992 by Mr. Salles, the current CEO, Oré paint positions itself has THE independent industrial paint French manufacturer.

The French specialist of floor paints and resins

Thanks to  a 14 000m² production site settled in Saint Sylvain D’Anjou in Maine-et-Loire, Oré paint design and develop high quality ranges of products for road and floors, preformed thermoplastic marking, aesthetic edging, accessibility and road fix. All our paints, resins and preformed products share the same quality standard, security and pleasure of use.

Beyond the technical performances of its products, Oré paint is eager to set with its partners and customers a relationship of trust based on listening and reactivity regarding their needs.

An innovating and performing R&D laboratory.

Caring to answer the markets needs and to anticipate the trends, Chemists at Oré have at their disposal performing tools.

Thus, it provides a consistent quality of its products, a continuous production control and a precise design of new formulas. 
Benefiting from various certifications, this laboratory maintains the performances concerning the production of the 7 products departments: the building (ORE), floors (ROC), roads (3S), accessibility (MOBILE), urban planning (VIADECOR), preformed marking (T SIGN) and road fix (REAVIA).

The French manufacturer which goes beyond borders.

The scope of its range and its perfect reliability of its products lead Oré paint to go beyond France borders. Today, Europe, Eastern Europe countries and northern Africa represent its main export markets.