Long-term commitments regarding the environment quality
Introduction of the eco pack system

Oré paint attaches a great importance to the respect and the quality of our environment. A process which, for the company, relies on responsible and concrete commitments. 


A 11 000 m² production site 

  • Treatment and recycling of wastes, decrease of material losses. 
  • Quality and environmental process (quality and environment manual)
  • Internal communication on quality and the impact of our activity on the environment


Commitments for products respectful of the environment

  • Manufacture of low rates of volatiles contents products which provide high technical qualities (output, adherence, quick drying, high whiteness)
  • Zone verte Excell labels certified (for the alimentary range) and NF environment certified (for the road marking range)


Waste recovery

Introduction of the eco pack system: a plastic pouch which perfectly adheres on to the tins before filling and which enables:

  • To limit the loss of raw materials by squeezing the pouch when reaching the bottom of the tin
  • To reduce the costs of specific industrial wastes treatment 
  • To highlight the metallic packing which can be re-used or recycled.