ADVIA: laying playgrounds becomes child's play!

Preformed playground marking
ADVIA: laying playgrounds becomes child's play!

Simple, durable and new: this is the adhesive solution!

Always on the lookout for new solutions, we have developed adhesive playgrounds to make installation easier.

ADVIA adhesive playgrounds can be applied without the need for any specific equipment or harmful products* and can be walked on instantly!

Remove the protective film, apply... et voilà!

The parts are pre-formed and ready to use: no complicated handling required. Your building site will be clean, with no odour or tool cleaning, and the little waste left over can be recycled!

For the majority of the games, only one person is needed for the installation, which also makes it an economical solution!

Children's safety first and foremost!

To ensure anti-slip and limit any accidental fall, ADVIA play pieces incorporate glass grains on their surface.

What about durability?

Developed for road marking, the ADVIA range is particularly resistant and lasts 5 to 10 times longer than paint marking. The pieces of the sets keep their bright colours over the years as they are tinted in the mass.

Customize your games

Need to personalise your playground? Please contact us. We can adapt your creations to the ADVIA model and allow you to bring your imagination to life.

*The playground adhesive is multi-substrate: it is compatible with asphalt, concrete, asphalt and other substrates. Some difficult substrates may require the prior application of ACTI-SOL by roller. Consult the technical datasheet for all these details.