New: the LABRADOR MTA adhesive truncated dome available in 82 cm format

Novelties in accessibility
New: the LABRADOR MTA adhesive truncated dome available in 82 cm format

The MX15 adhesive technology for easy application of tactile and guiding strips is now available in 40x82 and 60x82 cm formats.

: ease and speed

The MX15 adhesive technology facilitates the realization of your accessibility worksites. The simplicity of the self-adhesive system allows you to apply LABRADOR tactile warning surfaces and MILAN guiding strips faster and without tools.

In addition, the MX15 adhesive does not require any drying time and allows immediate re-circulation. The application of an adhesive truncated dome then becomes accessible to all: simply apply the activator, remove the adhesive, stick, press... et voilà !

This year, the range of LABRADOR MTA outdoor vigilance strips has expanded and the MX15 adhesive is now available in 40x82 cm and 60x82 cm formats.
These large formats are ideal for covering large areas in a minimum of time. They also offer a more aesthetic finish that avoids the joints that are usually seen between smaller strips formats.

An economical and eco-friendly solution

The adhesive system is also less expensive and more environmentally friendly than the glue system: it does not use harmful bonding agents and generates no waste from excess glue and cans.

Finally, the MX15 adhesive allows reliable and traffic-resistant installation. Its composition allows it to be multi-substrate and offers good resistance to wet environments. Enough to ensure the durability of the product!

The MX15 adhesive system is available on the following LABRADOR truncated domes and MILAN tactile guiding strips: