TOROS : repair your deep potholes

Road repair
TOROS : repair your deep potholes
Closeup on the rendering of the road repair resin TOROS

An economical solution to fix potholes on your roads

New in the REAVIA road repair range, TOROS is a system suitable for filling potholes and holes deeper than 30 mm.

Economical and very resistant, the resin mixed with the aggregate provided to obtain a coating with a similar appearance to asphalt, very good antislip and with a perfect adhesion to the substrate.

Even under heavy traffic, TOROS does not settle and its traffic time is appreciable (45 min. at 20°C).

Finally, TOROS is available in a 20 kg kit, suitable for blending on sites.

Experience TOROS

*Skid Resistance Test: 0.85 with black silicate.