SILVER, the new generation of water-based paint

SILVER, the new generation of water-based paint

SILVER is a good example of a high-performance water-based solution for road marking.

With its double NF2 certification and P5 durability (1 million wheel passes), SILVER benefits from an ultra-fast drying time of 3 minutes (1452 certification) and a particularly low product dosage (315 to 370 g/m²).

Extra-white, it ensures a high level of safety for users with a very good level of visibility by night (R3 certified retroreflection).

SILVER is versatile and benefits from 2 sprinkling modes (P1B or P2B) allowing you to optimise the management of your jobsites and has a low odour for a greater application comfort .

SILVER is an eco-friendly, NF Environnement certified product with an ammonia-free formulation that emits less VOCs.

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