3D preformed school warning sign for the children's safety

T SIGN preformed markings
3D preformed school warning sign: 3D for the children's safety

For the safety of our children, of applicators and for the planet

After the success of the 3D pedestrian crossing, Oré has developed the 3D warning road sign to increase children's safety around schools.

Our 3D road marking range gives a weightlessness effect that appeals to motorists and encourages them to slow down in a danger zone crossed by children.

The 3D warning sign is a durable and anti-slip preformed thermoplastic T SIGN product. In addition to being easy and quick to apply, it allows almost immediate re-circulation (only a few minutes), allowing very little inconvenience for road users.
Our T SIGN product range, which is applied with a gas burner, ensures better safety and comfort for the operator. When standing, he does not handle harmful products and does not generate non-recyclable waste (only cardboard and a few sheets of paper).

  • High durability of the marking
  • Pre-beaded colours for more anti-slip performances
  • 2 sizes to choose from: 1.25 m x 1 m or 2.5 m x 2 m

FMR* and PREFIX** technologies are incorporated into the 3D warning sign to make installation easier for you.

*FMR indicators are visual marks which disappear when the minimal recommended melting has been reached.

**Different coloured elements are pre-attached to each other, which further facilitates assembly and reduces installation time.