Bauxite aggregate: ideal for reducing braking distances

Urban decorative surfacing
Bauxite: ideal aggregate for reducing braking distances
Bauxite aggregates are available in 3 colours

Bauxite: the extreme strength and adhesion aggregate

Suitable for extreme traffic, bauxite has the best characteristics of our range of aggregates to improve the safety of various traffic areas.

Sprinkle on our MMA resins, it provides durable treatment in areas where grip and braking distance are vital for the most exposed users(dangerous bends, school areas, pedestrian crossings, etc..).

The very high resistance of bauxite (on the Mohs hardness scale, it is just below diamond) and its extremely high non-skid level (wet SRT test: 0.80-0.85) make it a choice aggregate for your road surfaces.

Bauxite aggregates are available in 3 colours: EVEREST (anthracite) CALDERA (gold) MERAPI (grey)


  • Good resistance to hydrocarbons
  • Very low noise level
  • Very good durability of surface characteristics
  • Ideal for steep slopes, braking areas, toll arrivals, intersections, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings...

The bauxite aggregate is distributed in 25 kg and in 1-3 mm granulometry.