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Road marking products

Paints and resins manufactured by Oré, designed for roads, are designed and produced to last while providing a high security level. The Nf certification made by the ASCQUER is the most reliable proof of it. This range of road painting enables to mark every urban zone, road or highway.

Road and Urban paints

The road marking 3S range enables to mark every ways as well in urban zone, road or highway. It assembles high performance airless paints, applicable to the airless , as well as thermoplastic and cold resins of excellent durability. This range of products is certified NF2 by ASCQUER , which constitutes proof of conformity with the requirements of road marking.

Preformed thermoplastic T SIGN

The T SIGN preformed marking offer an economical, practical and fast solution for the execution of a sustainable horizontal signaling,with high performance and high safety for all road users. The application is of great ease : put your symbol on the ground, heat with a torch, wait a little : it's ready !
Furthermore, these products are not limited to road signaling : our range T LUDO offers many ground games for children, to pose in school playgrounds and other playgrounds.

Urban surfacing VIADÉCOR

The uban surfacing VIADÉCOR asembles exterior coatings combining safety (non-slip) and a great sustainability for urban development. These aesthetic coatings aim to to improve the safety and quality of local life by adapting spaces of circulation between the different users (pedestrians, cyclists ...).
VIADÉCOR systems developed by our Research & Development laboratory include paints and resins of color, gravel resins (sprinkling of aggregates) and prefabricated elements (synthetic pavers, borders or plots).

Road fixing RÉAVIA

Our range RÉAVIA is intended for the repair and the maintenance of the road works such as the filling of cracks, pothole, inequalities of soil level,earthenware...

Lines Stripers and Tools

Oré offers a wide range of GRACO floor marking machines for road and urban paints. Provided for preparations and applications, they are adapted to our 3S products.

Our actions for the environment

Our waterbone products and road resins are for the most part certified NF Environnement. They have a low impact on the environment and a satisfactory quality of use compared to other similar products or services on the market.
To limit the impact on the environment, we designed the Ecopack system : a plastic bag that adheres to the barrels to reduce waste, reduce the cost of treatment and make packaging reusable or recyclable.

Technical service

Available all over the territory, our technical service supports you, meets your needs and provides solutions adapted to your projects. It can also intervene to realize recommendations, trainings but also to measure performances on site.
Furthermore, our team travels on the RN2 (ASCQUER certification site) to apply new products developed by our Research & Development laboratory with the aim of obtaining new certifications.
Finally, our training center FORQUALI offers professional training to increase and validate the skills of your teams in road marking. To know more, contact us.