Bauxite CALDERA aggregate

Granulometry 1-3

Réf. : AME0301
Bauxite Caldera aggregate - Ideal for heavy traffic
Jaune / Yellow / Gelb

Extremely resistant gold bauxite aggregate used on heavy traffic road. This product must be sprinkled on our our MMA resins.

  • Good resistance to hydrocarbons
  • Very low noise level
  • Very good durability of surface characteristics
  • Ideal for steep slopes, braking areas, toll arrivals, intersections, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings...
Caractéristiques techniques

Granulometry: 1-3

Packaging: 25 Kg

Colour: gold

Los Angeles hardness level: 25

Micro Derval resistance: 3

Mohs hardness: 9

Wet Skid Resistance Test value: 0.80 - 0.85

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