Specific paints

Marking paint for bike and cars circuits races

Certification N ° R130886-B1

Officially recognized by the FIM on the Bugatti circuit of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, our RACE LINE painting perfectly meets the needs of marking motorcycle and motorcycle circuits (whiteness and very strong anti-slip).

Since the approval of the FIM, it has been successfully applied on foreign circuits in Portugal (Portimao), the Netherlands (Assen) and Thailand ...

The RACE LINE has enough to ensure the safety of pilots like Johann Zarco, of which Oré is the loyal sponsor.

- Marking developed for horizontal signaling of motorized and motorized circuits.

- Aqueous phase

- Fast drying

- High performance

- Pilot safety

- High adhesion test report No. R130886-A1.


2 components marking product

Two-component marking product, based on epoxy-modified acrylic resin. Specially designed for tracing floor and underground car parks and in the industrial environment for ground signaling.


- Easy to apply

- Good resistane

- Great adhesion

- Fast drying