Methacrylate hardener

Hardener to use with methacrylate resins

Réf. : ORE02217
Hardener for methacrylate product Benzoyl peroxide

The hardener is a product in powder form used to initiate the reaction of methacrylate resins

Once the product is mixed with the resin, it gradually hardens and must be applied quickly. 

Storage temperature < to 30°C.

Compatible with:

Caractéristiques techniques

Use: indoors or outdoors depending on the product 

Composition: benzoyl peroxide 49-51%.

Density: 630 kg/m³

Colour: white

Aspect: granular powder

Dosage: respect the amount of hardener indicated on the label or on the data sheet of the resin

Packaging: box of 129 packets.