PCE-777N Infrared thermometer

Non-contact laser thermometer

Réf. : MAT0401
PCE-777N Infrared thermometer
The PCE-777N infrared thermometer measures the surface temperature non-destructively and by infrared.
Lightweight, it stands out for its simple use and the pointer which allows to obtain an accurate reading of the temperature.
The infrared thermometer is ideal for fusible products that require the use of a torch and a suitable melting temperature, such as T SIGN products.
Caractéristiques techniques

- Measurement from -30 ° C to 260 ° C
- Fast measurement sequence
- Units: ° C or ° F
- Fixed emissivity level
- Distance / measuring point ratio of 8: 1
- Automatic disconnection
- Battery powered
- Laser pointer activation
- Compact and robust construction

Product Content:
1 Infrared thermometer PCE-777N
1 battery
1 case
1 Instructions for use