Tracing machines for road marking, car parks...

Oré offers a wide range of GRACO machines designed for urban and road markings that are made for preparations and applications and adapted to our 3S products.
This type of machine requires a specific handling. This is why our technical department offers you quality support and even professional training to familiarize you with how to handle them and thus facilitate the completion of your projects.

Airless tracing machines

The airless spraying system is the most common technology in road marking machines. Airless sprayers are an easy and economical way to apply coatings and paints. They combine speed, quality (uniformity and regularity of finish) and versatility (usable on a wide range of materials).
The tracing of airless lines is thus fast and precise, which makes it a profitable way to mark your car parks, city works, cycle paths, grounds, airports, warehouses or parking areas...
However, obtaining the best airless performance requires mastering some basic notions concerning the use of the road machine: choice of spray nozzle, pressure adjustment, spark control, superposition technique, etc.
If you need help or training in this field, Oré's technical service can be contacted or suggest training on the application of road marking.

Thermoplastic tracing machines

Range of high-performance and innovative GRACO machines for the application of thermoplastic resins. The ThermoLazer™ range includes 3 manual line markers, including 2 with embedded fusion systems, from small to large projects. These models can be combined with LineDriver™ to transform your tracer into a self-supporting model.


GRACO's Grindlazer™ line scarifying and erasing systems are machines able to remove road demarcation paints, thermoplastics, epoxy coatings and levelling uneven surfaces. Their anti-vibration chassis significantly improves movement stability and reduces users tiredness. They are compatible with the LineDriver™ self-supporting system .

LineDriver™ self-supporting seat

Once connected to your floor marking equipment, LineDriver™ makes it possible to double the rates of work while preserving the operator's strengths. It can be combined with the airless, thermoplastic and planer models shown above.