Road marking

Safety and road marking
This range of road marking , sold under the 3S brand, makes tracing possible on all road surfaces - in towns, on roads and motorways.
Road surface products have received the NF label awarded by ASCQUER, which guarantee users' safety thanks to highly effective and long-lasting tracing.
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Paints and resins adapted to either the creation or the renovation of marking in urban zone: lines, pedestrian crossings, parking, cycle path…
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Retro reflecting paints and resins adapted for either the creation or the renovation of road markings on roads: lines, direction arrows, zones…
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Temporaly signs designed for a better night visibility under rainy conditions.
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A whole range of thermoplastic resin either retro-reflecting or not which enable the realization of road and urban markings.
- Long lasting.
- NF environment certified.
- High anti skid.
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Ideal for markings such as arrows, pedestrian crossings, give ways…
High resistance, long lasting, retro reflecting, anti skid, whiteness, cold plastic resins can resist to intense traffic constraint.
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