This range of traffic markings offers various directional and informative signs: lines, arrows, acronyms, figures and letters will give precise ground tracing.
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Think out of the box ! T SIGN can be customized on demand and allows the conception of variously shaped and coloured designs. This range of road painting has been created specifically for play areas.
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Preformed thermoplastic T SIGN

Drive around safely!
T SIGN consists in a new range of preformed thermoplastic lines & symbols for road marking.
This product is certified NF ASCQUER No. 2RH1576S2 and provides very high reflection (R3), high whiteness (Q3) and good anti-skid properties (S2).
T SIGN is applied with a burner. It is easy and quick to implement.
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T SIGN videos
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FMR and PREFIX technologies make your application easier:

FMR indicators are visuals cues that disappeared when the minimum recommended melting temperature has been reached.

The different colored elements are pre-attached to each other, which further facilitates assembly and installation. This technology significantly reduces implementation time.

T SIGN is covered by glass beads and glass grains. Our products have double French certifications: LIKA (white) and JAHO (yellow).

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Certification LIKA + Great versatility (quick melt, low shock sensibility)
+ Good anti-skidding
+ Very good visibility by day and night.
CERTIFICATION N° 2RH1576S2 et 2H1576S2
Durability : 1 urban million wheel passes, 2 road millions wheel passes.)
Retro-reflection: Very good level
Anti-skidding: Very good level
Whiteness level: High level
Certification JAHO + yellow colour
Durability : 500 000 wheel passes
Anti-skidding: good level
Whiteness level: good level