High performance preformed markings

T SIGN is a range of lines and symbols preformed and thermoplastic used in horizontal markings. This is a certified white or coloured product of high performance and high security for the users. Industrially made, it brings markings a steady quality all life long. It can be easily and quickly applied with a gas burner.

ORÉ has developed FMR and PRÉFIX technologies for T SIGN in order to ease the application.

Logo indicateurs FMR

FMR indicators are points of reference that fade as soon as the minimal recommended melting has been met.

Logo prefix

The different coloured parts are pre-fixed together, which eases more both assembly and application. This technology reduces implementation time. 

Picto opérateur et matériel reduit

Mastery & application ease

We have developed different technologies to optimise technique and implementation time.

The few tools required is a great advantage in the organisation of the intervention.

Remise en circulation rapide

Security & yield

Our products can be safely handled. No solvent or chimical paint remover that can endanger the operator.

The operator remains in upright position for the application which enables him to see and to be seen during the implantation. 

The setting up is very fast and only require one man and the road can be open back up to traffic almost immediately

Picto emballage 100% recyclable

ecological & economical

T SIGN is certified by the French standard for environment. Without paint remover, decrease and management of waste. 

T SIGN products are industrially made. The production line is optimised for a minimum of waste. 

Environmentally-conscious, the packaging is 100% recyclable and recoverable.