Lines and arrows


White T SIGN preformed thermoplastic lines of 1m long.

Grey preformed 3D Pedestrian Crossing - Oré Paint
Yellow preformed 3D Pedestrian Crossing - Oré Paint
FMR and Préfix Technologies

T SIGN Preformed 3D Zebra Crossing

ORÉ has developed the preformed thermoplastic 3D zebra crossing.
Surprised by the optical effect, the driver slows considerably when approaching it for fear of crashing into this weird pedestrian crossing that seems levitating.

Thanks to its preformed pattern, the 3D T SIGN pedestrian crossing can be applied quickly using a gas burner.
For increased safety, the white strips benefit from an excellent durability and a good anti-skidness.

  • Anamorphic 3D Effect
  • Few tools needed
  • FMR indicators allow a good road grip.
  • Pre-attached PREFIX** system
  • Applicator is standing and visible during the application for more safety.
  • Solvant-free and no chemical products
  • Rapid re-opening of areas to traffic
  • 100% of the T SIGN is applied : no product waste
  • Recyclable packaging

*FMR technology consists in a visual cue that disappear when the minimum recommended fusion has been reached.

**The different colored elements are pre-attached to each other, which facilitates assembling. This technology significantly reduces implementation time.


- Roll of retro-reflective thermoplastic resin
- Anti-skidness after sprinkling glass grains
- Easy to apply with a gas bruner
- Flexible product