Road lines and symbols - T SIGN Preformed marking

Lignes et flèches

Notre gamme de lignes et flèches vous permet de créer la signalisation idéale pour les carrefours, les parkings ou encore les zones de dangers.

Lines and arrows

Our range of lines and arrows enables you to create the ideal signage for crossroads, parkings or danger zones.
White preformed lines T SIGN
White preformed lines T SIGN
Roll of white preformed line T SIGN

Flat white lines or roll - many widths available

Prefabricated thermoplastic white lines T SIGN LIKA certified.

Ideal solution for sustainable and performing parking lines.

Retroreflective model for very good visibility day and night.
Available in 1 meter length (flat) or 5 meters (roll).

Other dimensions available on demand.

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3D T SIGN pedestrian crossing : dimensions
3D T SIGN pedestrian crossing in St Pierre d'Oléron (France)
3D T SIGN pedestrian crossing in Jonzac (France)

T SIGN Preformed 3D Zebra Crossing

ORÉ has developed the preformed thermoplastic 3D zebra crossing.
Surprised by the optical effect, the driver slows considerably when approaching it for fear of crashing into this weird pedestrian crossing that seems levitating.

Thanks to its preformed pattern, the 3D T SIGN pedestrian crossing can be applied quickly using a gas burner.
For increased safety, the white strips benefit from an excellent durability and a good anti-skidness.

  • Anamorphic 3D Effect
  • Few tools needed
  • FMR indicators allow a good road grip.
  • Pre-attached PREFIX** system
  • Applicator is standing and visible during the application for more safety.
  • Solvant-free and no chemical products
  • Rapid re-opening of areas to traffic
  • 100% of the T SIGN is applied : no product waste
  • Recyclable packaging

*FMR technology consists in a visual cue that disappear when the minimum recommended fusion has been reached.

**The different colored elements are pre-attached to each other, which facilitates assembling. This technology significantly reduces implementation time.

Teeth retarder, yield and narrow sign
Preformed thermoplastic Shark Teeth Yield Markings Symbol T SIGN

Yield squares, shark teeth and narrow road preformed symbols

Various ground signaling patterns in preformed thermoplastic marking T SIGN.

We provide at your choice:

  • 10 yield squares
  • 3 shark Teeth yield markings symbols
  • 25 "Narrow Road" symbols

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White preformed thermoplastic arrows T SIGN
Arrow turns left


Arrows of various sizes for preformed thermoplastic ground signage T SIGN .

Pre-billed white product (reflection of headlight at night), certified, quick to install and very durable.

Models available :

  • Straight arrow
  • Arrowhead
  • Arrowhead turns right
  • Arrowhead turns left
  • Arrow turns right
  • Arrow turns left
  • Right drawdown
  • Left drawdown

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Symboles & Pictogrammes

Notre gamme de symboles et pictogrammes vous permet de créer des parkings avec des emplacements pour Personnes à Mobilité Réduites, des places pour véhicules électriques et des places pour familles nombreuses ainsi que des bandes et pistes cyclables.

Symbols and pictograms

Our range of symbols and pictograms enables you to create car parks with locations for Persons with Reduced Mobility, places for electric vehicles and places for large families as well as bands and bike paths.

Disabled Symbol - PRM Parking  - Preformed marking T SIGN
Pre-billed white preformed T SIGN symbol applied to the ground for parking space.

Disabled logo in white or blue preformed marking T SIGN

Disabled symbol to be applied to the ground for PRM parking.
Dimensions to regulatory standards. Pre-billed white preformed symbol.

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Humans Symbols for ground signaling - Preformed T SIGN models
Pedestrian Symbol preformed

Pedestrian symbol, woman + child or family white preformed T SIGN

Examples of preformed T SIGN shapes which can be used on the bands reserved for pedestrians, or car parks.
All these symbols are white preformed marking, certified and pre-billed.

3 forms to choose from:

  • White Pedestrian Symbol (PTC0136 - 100x400 mm)
  • Woman + Child white Symbol (PTC0217 - 600x500 mm)
  • Family Symbol (PTC0791 - 1000x1000 mm)

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Man with bicycle preformed symbol
Man with bicycle green preformed symbol

Prefabricated bicycle man sign white or green T SIGN

Cyclist symbol "man with bicycle"preformed T SIGN.
Regulatory dimensions (see technical features).

Available in white or green, in positive or negative version (on a white background).
The white part is certified and pre-billed.
The color forms are equipped with the PREFIX system for ease of installation.

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Chevron and electric vehicle symbol

Chevron symbol (a pair) for electric vehicle ground marking

Certified white pre-brilled and preformed symbols..
2 signs to choose from :

  • A pair of chevron
  • Picto electric vehicle for parking spaces.

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Chiffres & Lettres

Notre gamme de chiffres et lettres vous permet de créer vos propres mots ou d'indiquer des caractéristiques d'un emplacement de parking.

Letters & Numbers

Our range of numbers and letters allows you to create your own words or to indicate characteristics of a parking space

Range of numbers and letters T SIGN for road marking
T SIGN preformed MOTOS letters
T SIGN preformed BUS letters

Numbers ans letters T SIGN for road signaling - Preformed marking

A large range of numbers and / or letters allowing easy and durable road signage.
Choose your characters and numbers for personalized marking.

See Range, Dimensions and Pricing.

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Preformed yellow delivery symbols T SIGN
Preformed yellow delivery negative symbol

Word "LIVRAISONS" positive or negative - Preformed yellow T SIGN

Floor marking Word "DELIVERIES" positive or negative preformed yellow T SIGN
Exists in positive version (nudes letters), negative (with framing) or positive + negative.

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Payant symbol preformed T SIGN
Payant symbol preformed T SIGN white positive/negative, certified and glass beaded marking

Word "payant" positive or negative preformed T SIGN

Word ''PAYANT' in preformed T SIGN, in positive type (bare letters), negative type (with rectangle), or both.

  • Certified road marking LIKA HP6.
  • Very strong durability (2 million wheel passages).
  • Great ease and speed of use.

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