T LUDO floor playgrounds marking

T LUDO turns your school playgrounds into creative and educational ones.

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What is it?

Coming from our road-marking product, our preformed thermoplastic T LUDO range is heavy-duty and can be applied on asphalt.
Our product are :

  • dyed in mass
    (guaranteed colour)
  • lead and chromate
How to apply?
Easy to install and durable
The different coloured elements are pre-attached to each other, which further facilitates assembly and reduces installation time.
FMR indicators disappear when the minimal recommended melting temperature has been reached. They guarantee the good melting with the substrate.

Floor games to develop both children’s physical and intellectual activity

If the wooden structures can present a danger of falling for kids, that is not the case for playgrounds. More than a decorative marking, T LUDO enables the creation of real play areas that encourage raising and learning of children through entertainment. The setting up of T LUDO outdoor games in school playgrounds is an excellent way to support educational methods and teaching through varied themes (animals, chessboards, mathematics, geography, circuits and roads, sports...) in keeping with the child's growth.
Games encourage the child to follow rules, interact with others, learn from his mistakes. In short, to prepare him for social life. Floor playgrounds bring other benefits to the child: enlargement of his vocabulary, development of his determination, perseverance and his self-confidence... Through play, the child connects with others and the world around him while evolving in a harmonious environment. Playing is actually an excellent way of breaking down with isolation, safely experimenting and turning negative emotion into positive experience. At the same time, the game is a safe and entertaining way for the child to encourage his learning and cognitive development by making the acquisition of new knowledge more enjoyable and productive.
T LUDO is a preformed thermoplastic road-marking product, ready for use, and 5 to 10 time more resistant than paint (without special maintenance). This durability is a long run economic benefit.
T LUDO shapes and colours can be personalised for a unique design. For more information about the creation of logo or imagery, contact us.
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