If the wooden structures can present a fall danger for kids, this is 100% safe for playgrounds. More than a decorative marking, T LUDO is a truly play areas range who encourage raising and learning of kids through the leisure.
T LUDO is a preformed thermoplastic road-marking product, ready for use, and 5 to 10 time more resistant than paint (without special maintenance). This durability is a long-term economic benefit.
T LUDO shapes and colours can be personalised for a unique design. For more information, contact us.
What it is ?

Coming from our road-marking product, our preformed thermoplastic T LUDO range is heavy-duty and can be setting-up on asphalt.
Our product are :

  • dyed in mass
    (color guarantee)
  • Lead free
    and chromate
How does it apply ?
Easy to install and durable
The different colored elements are pre-attached to each other, which further facilitates assembly and installation. This technology significantly reduces implementation time.
FMR indicators are visuals cues that disappeared when the minimum recommended melting temperature has been reached.
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