How setting-up a T LUDO floor games ?

T LUDO games are preformed thermoplastic products that require a gas burner to melt with asphalt or concret (with a primer). For more information, please refer to the T LUDO TECHNICAL DATA SHEET and the T SIGN INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.

Sweep the surface so as to get rid of any dirt and other substances with a broom or any other tool as prescribed in the first part “substrate preparation”.
Pre-heat the surface with a torch to ensure complete dryness.
Carefully position T SIGN on the surface, bead-coated side up, referring if necessary to the markers previously applied. If several pieces must be joined together, position them side by side without leaving any space between them.

Heat T SIGN with a propane-gas torch equipped with a pressure regulator of at least 3 bars. Heat up slowly with a regular sweeping movement of the torch, 10 or 30 cm over the product, so as to ensure uniform heating. T SIGN’s melting temperature ranges between 180°C and 200°C. After heating: - the edges of T SIGN must have melted and the product must have liquefied. - FMR indicators* must have vanished. - gaps between pieces of T SIGN must no longer be visible.
To optimize the ani-slipping, we recommend a dusting of glass beads.
5 to 20 minutes’ drying time is necessary, depending on ambient temperature. When you thinks it's fine, let's kids play !