Preformed arrows and patterns

Yield squares, shark teeth and narrow road preformed symbols

Preformed arrows and patterns for preformed road marking Preformed thermoplastic Shark Teeth Yield Markings Symbol T SIGN T SIGN thermo-heated arrow

Various ground signaling patterns in preformed thermoplastic marking T SIGN.

We provide at your choice:

  • Right arrows
  • Arrowhead
  • Arrowhead turns right
  • Arrowhead turns left
  • Arrow turns right
  • Arrow turns left
  • Lane ends, merge right
  • Lane ends, merge left
  • Square yield signs
  • Shark Teeth yield markings symbols

We can easily create all kinds of shapes and symbols for all countries. Please contact us.

More info about T SIGN.

Caractéristiques techniques

Dimensions per unit:
Arrows: various sizes, depending on type of arrows.
Square yield: 500x500 mm
Shark Teeth Yield Markings Symbol: 700x2000 mm
Specific sizes: please contact us.

Arrows: 1 to 5 units per cardboard according to type of symbol
Square yield: 10 units per cardboard
Shark Teeth Yield Markings Symbol: 3 units per cardboard

Material: gas burner