3D preformed school warning sign

3D preformed "schoolchild" thermoplastic sign on the ground

Réf. : PTC1442
3D schoolchild warning sign A13a Example of 3D schoold child warning sign situation

The 3D school warning sign is a preformed thermoplastic symbol to implant on the road in your school streets or in front of the pedestrian crossings well-travelled by children.

The 3D at your children's security service ! 

The three-dimensional effect generates a view that calls out the car driver and makes him slowing down.

This 3D sign is composed of coloured pieces of the PRÉFIX system to make it easier to lay.

Need more information on our T SIGN preformed technology? Click here.

Caractéristiques techniques

Packaging: 1 item per cardboard

Dimensions: 1250x1000 mm or 2500x2000 mm

Tools for application: raptor and other accessories