No stopping & no waiting road sign

Switchable 2-in-1 prohibition sign

Réf. : PTC02228
B6 switch B6a1 or B6d B6 switch sign - 1 product, 2 options
Rouge / Red
Utilisable en extérieur / Exterior use

The "B6 switch" is a preformed 2-in-1 kit to apply on the ground which enables you to easily carry out B6a1 as well as B6d.

Insert the blue strips: the sign is a B6a1 (no parking).
Insert the red strips: the sign becomes a B6d (no stopping and no parking).

The B6 switch is a read-to-use product, provided with FMR technologies (heating landmarks) and Préfix system (pieces already linked to each other).
It can be applied with a gas burner and enables to open the road quickly back up to traffic.

Need more information on our T SIGN preformed technology? Click here.

Caractéristiques techniques

Suggested dimensions:
⌀ 450 mm
⌀ 650 mm
⌀ 750 mm
⌀ 850 mm
⌀ 1050 mm
⌀ 2000 mm
3000x2000 mm
4000x2000 mm
We can easily make custom sizes. Please contact us.
Packaging: 1 item per packaging
Time to go back into circulation: 5 to 20 min. according to the temperature
Tools: Gas burner

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