Application tools for preformed thermoplastic marking

Dual roofing burner pack

Titanium pack: dual roofing + pressure regulator + flexible

With this pack and its dual roofing, you can ensure that you will have an homogeneous heat on large thermoplastic areas.
It consists of two titanium buckets with a diameter of 60 mm each, developing a power of 200 kW and carried by a 550 mm long neck.

Sold with a 4 bars pressure regulator and a 4.75 m hose.

  • Ideal for large areas
  • Ensures an homogeneous heat on the large thermoplastic areas
  • Optimise holding on the support

Raptor 1045 + regulator + flexible

Raptor gas burner is  an adapted lance with a power of 160 kW, a regulator 4 bars and a hose of 4m75.

Speed of implementation:
- Connection to the pipe in one click, thanks to the quick coupling.
- A flame quickly available, thanks to the piezo ignition. synchronized, obtained by simply pressing the trigger.
- Interchangeable lances without any tools.

Safety & comfort:
- 3-way marking: lance change, storage, ignition
- A "safety" handle (when the operator releases the handle, the torch goes out).
- A great lightness (less than 650 g).

Stainless Steel gas burner

Stainless Steel’ Express roofer pack

This watertightness Stainless Steel’ Express roofer pack consists of a stainless steel bucket, a neck, a handle with "bimaterial" trigger with swing connection, a 10 m hose and a 4 bars pressure regulator.

Both light and high performant, this watertight gas burner has a hose offering a power of 50 to 150 kW.
It is multy-tasking as it is very effective especially for drying, markings heating, clearing of snow, disinfection and heating weeding.

This watertight gas burner will perfectly meet professional's expectations.

PCE-777N Infrared thermometer

Non-contact laser thermometer

The PCE-777N infrared thermometer measures the surface temperature non-destructively and by infrared.
Lightweight, it stands out for its simple use and the pointer which allows to obtain an accurate reading of the temperature.
The infrared thermometer is ideal for fusible products that require the use of a torch and a suitable melting temperature, such as T SIGN products.
T PRIM primer is available in 5 L can

Thermoplastic resin primer

- Garnishing texture.
- Optimal compatibility with hot products.
- Forms a hard, unsaponifiable film.

TX Primer
Produit d'accessibilité extérieur

Primer for thermoplastic on concrete and difficult substrates

Bi-component epoxy primer for thermoplastic products' application. 

Suitable for concrete and stone substrates and for pavement.

Quick drying.