Dual roofing burner

Titanium pack: dual roofing + pressure regulator + flexible

Réf. : MAT0427
Dual roofing burner pack

With this pack and its dual roofing, you can ensure that you will have an homogeneous heat on large thermoplastic areas.
It consists of two titanium buckets with a diameter of 60 mm each, developing a power of 200 kW and carried by a 550 mm long neck.

Sold with a 4 bars pressure regulator and a 4.75 m hose.

  • Ideal for large areas
  • Ensures an homogeneous heat on the large thermoplastic areas
  • Optimise holding on the support
Caractéristiques techniques

Bucket's diameter:  60 mm
Power: 200 kW in 4 bars
Consommation:  14480 g/h in 4 bars
Length of the flame: 800 mm
Packaging: sold per unit