Stainless Steel’ Express roofer pack

Réf. : MAT0378
Stainless Steel gas burner

This watertightness Stainless Steel’ Express roofer pack consists of a stainless steel bucket, a neck, a handle with "bimaterial" trigger with swing connection, a 10 m hose and a 4 bars pressure regulator.

Both light and high performant, this watertight gas burner has a hose offering a power of 50 to 150 kW.
It is multy-tasking as it is very effective especially for drying, markings heating, clearing of snow, disinfection and heating weeding.

This watertight gas burner will perfectly meet professional's expectations.

Caractéristiques techniques

Bucket's diameter (in mm): 60
Power (in kW): 102 in 4 bars
Consumption (in g/h): 7390 in 4 bars
Length of flame (in mm): 800

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