Road surfaces fixing products

TOROS is suitable for filling holes and potholes greater than 3 cm deep
Toros Pothole repair
TOROS is marketed by 20 kg kit

Three-component system based on methacrylate with charge to incorporate

Dyed in the mass resin with 5-8 charges used to smooth and repair holes on roads. TOROS refills potholes, holes and crevices greater than 30 mm deep.


  • Asphalt look
  • Excellent anti-skid: no loss of adhesion compared to asphalt (SRT> 0.85 with black silicate).
  • High durability (long-term economic benefit).
  • Available in a 20 kg kit, suitable for blending on sites.
  • Appreciable traffic time (45 min. at 20°C)
  • No shrinkage during product drying. Even under heavy traffic, TOROS does not settle.
HOGGER is ideal to repair potholes, deep holes and other severe road damage
Application of the product. Excellent durability
HOGGER application's steps

Bi-component resin with methacrylate basis for > 5 mm defects

Two-component resin based on methacrylate containing charges of 1.4-2.5 mm. Ideal to repair potholes, holes and other severe road damage.

HOGGAR is used for the renovation of bituminous pavement defects such as:
- Potholes (with additional charge)
- Cracks, pull-outs, breaks and cracks deeper than 5 mm.
- Uneven ground level on asphalt surfaces...
HOGGAR also makes it possible to quickly seal prefabricated metal or concrete elements to the ground.


  • Exceptional durability = low cost over time.
  • Flexible and comfortable use.
  • Anti-slip similar to asphalt (SRT > 0.85).
  • No loss of roughness compared to asphalt thanks to the sprinkling of Rugos 2000.
  • Quick return to service (45 min at 20°C). After this time, even under heavy traffic, HOGGAR does not subside, unlike the cold mix asphalt.
  • Product resulting from our experience in NF products.
  • Good compatibility with road marking products and urban decorative surfacing.
  • Very good adhesion.
APPOLO is used to flatten and repair < 5 mm defects
APPOLO application's steps
Resin to repair minor road damage

Twocomponent resin with methacrylate basis for < 5 mm defects

Resin dyed in the mass, used to flatten and repair minor road damage. APPOLO flattens unevenness in bituminous roads such as:

- Planing
- Cracks (inferior than 5 mm)
- Surface striations caused by vehicles
- Uneven ground level on asphalt surfaces


  • Very good adhesion: no loss of adhesion compared to asphalt (SRT > 0.85) with silicate black.
  • Flexible and comfortable use.
  • High durability (long-term economic benefit).
  • Fast re-circulation (45 min.). No removal during drying of the product. Even under heavy traffic, it does not subside.
  • High fluidity.
  • Adapted packaging.
  • No restrictive material.
  • Limits the appearance of weeds.
T FLEX is made for road repair on surfacing (here with sprinkling)
T FLEX application's steps
T FLEX thermoplastic resin to repair cracks

Preformed thermoplastic resin to repair cracks on road

Flexible tape used to fill cracks less than 5 mm deep and 2 cm wide.
Enables to seal cracks up to 5 m long in a single operation.

  • High flexibility
  • High adhesion
  • Very easy to install with a gas burner
  • User comfort
  • High durability (economic benefit)
  • Possibility of sprinkling silicate black for a more non-slip look
  • Rapid re-circulation
  • Quick return to service



Our Réavia range is designed for repair and maintenance of roads and roadways. Its function is to fill potholes, cracks, asphalt damage, etc... Réavia products adhere perfectly to all types of hydrocarbon pavements (streets, sidewalks, paths, roads, cycle paths, car parks, levellings, etc.) and can withstand heavy traffic.
High durability (economic advantage over time)
Rapid re-circulation (drying and curing much faster than cold mix asphalt)
Modest cost
Ease of implementation (no restrictive equipment)
Comfort for users...

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