REAVIA road surfaces fixing products

Our Réavia range is designed for repair and maintenance of roads and roadways. Its function is to fill potholes, cracks, asphalt damage, etc...

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Cracked roads, potholes: each problem has its own product

The 4 RÉAVIA products are road repair / maintenance solutions which aims at reliable long-term renovation.
Each product corresponds to a particular need:

  • TOROS, an economical solution to repair the greatest damage (greater than 3 cm deep).
  • HOGGAR, resin intended for the filling of potholes greater than 5 mm deep.
  • APPOLO, which allows to fill slight degradations (less than 5 mm deep).
  • T FLEX, thermoplastic roll used to overcome cracks in asphalt..
Based on our expertise in NF road products, the RÉAVIA range adheres perfectly to all types of hydrocarbon pavements (streets, sidewalks, alleys, roads, bicycle paths, parking lots, earthworks ...) and supports sustained traffic.

Economic repair

The complete repair of the roads represents substantial costs for cities. Due to their high durability and their targeted interventions, RÉAVIA repair solutions are economically advantageous.

  • High durability (economic advantage over time)
  • High anti-slip
  • Rapid re-circulation (drying and curing much faster than cold mix asphalt: confort for users)
  • Fast and easy to apply (no restrictive equipment)
  • Adapted packaging
  • Compatible with marking and urban surfacing products