Twocomponent resin with methacrylate basis for < 5 mm defects

Réf. : 3S-10300
APPOLO is used to flatten and repair < 5 mm defects APPOLO application's steps Resin to repair minor road damage
Peut être nettoyé au diluant 3S
Est nettoyable au diluant ECO / ECO diluent / ECO Verdünner
Noir / Black / Schwarz

Resin dyed in the mass, used to flatten and repair minor road damage. APPOLO flattens unevenness in bituminous roads such as:

- Planing
- Cracks (inferior than 5 mm)
- Surface striations caused by vehicles
- Uneven ground level on asphalt surfaces


  • Very good adhesion: no loss of adhesion compared to asphalt (SRT > 0.85) with silicate black.
  • Flexible and comfortable use.
  • High durability (long-term economic benefit).
  • Fast re-circulation (45 min.). No removal during drying of the product. Even under heavy traffic, it does not subside.
  • High fluidity.
  • Adapted packaging.
  • No restrictive material.
  • Limits the appearance of weeds.
Caractéristiques techniques

Consumption: 2 to 3 kg/m²/mm.
Density: 2.00
Drying time: 45 min depending on temperature
Tools: notched or smooth scraper

Packaging: 8 kg or 24 kg

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