Twocomponent resin with methacrylate basis

Réf. : 3S-10310
Peut être nettoyé au diluant 3S
Est nettoyable au diluant ECO / ECO diluent / ECO Verdünner
Noir / Black / Schwarz

Contains 1.4-2.5. fillers
Used to fill cracks, unevenness and holes deeper than 5 mm
Used to fill asphalt road defects such as:
- Cracks superior to 5 mm
- Fractures
- Potholes (with fillers added)
- Unevenness on asphalt surfaces
- Very good grip
- Easy to use
- Anti-skid similar to Asphalt (SRT &gt 0.85)
- Quick rollover
Good compatibility with road marking and urban planning products

Caractéristiques techniques

Consumption: 2 to 3 kg/m²/mm
Gravel dosage (if necessary): 10 to 15%
Density: 2.00
Drying time: 10 min
Equipment: notched or smooth squeegee

Packaging: 24 Kg