Preformed thermoplastic resin to repair cracks on road

Réf. : 3S-10600
T FLEX is made for road repair on surfacing (here with sprinkling) T FLEX application's steps T FLEX thermoplastic resin to repair cracks
Noir / Black / Schwarz

Flexible tape used to fill cracks less than 5 mm deep and 2 cm wide.
Enables to seal cracks up to 5 m long in a single operation.

  • High flexibility
  • High adhesion
  • Very easy to install with a gas burner
  • User comfort
  • High durability (economic benefit)
  • Possibility of sprinkling silicate black for a more non-slip look
  • Rapid re-circulation
  • Quick return to service



Caractéristiques techniques

Consumption: 1 to 2 kg/m².
Rugos dosage: 1 to 2 kg/m².
Size: 5cm x 5 m
Packaging: cardboard box of 4 items
Tools: gas burner
Colours: black