Retro-reflective two-component cold coating

Réf. : 3S-7951
HORUS D1-18 cold resin
Peut être nettoyé au diluant 3S
Est nettoyable au diluant ECO / ECO diluent / ECO Verdünner

HORUS D1-18 is a two-component, solvent-free, by machine applicable cold coating. It is a BAST certified product (Germany) with very high performances P7 Q5 R5 Rw6 S1.
Type II certification: 2018-1DY-02.07

  • Excellent durability P7 certified (good performance up to 4 million wheel passes).
  • Excellent retroreflection - R5 certified
  • Excellent retroreflection in wet weather - Rw6 Certification
  • High whiteness - Q5 Certification
  • Very resistant to abrasion and UV radiation
  • Very good resistance to mineral oils, greases, tarmacs

Due to its visibility at night in wet weather, HORUS D1-18 ensures a high level of safety.

    Caractéristiques techniques

    Dosage in accordance with BAST certification: 600μm (1080g/m²)
    Glass beads: 970g/m² (Starlitebead 900 BCP SRT SiAl)
    Drying time under certification conditions: T3 (19 min.)
    Density XP-P-98 633:  Component A : 1.72
    Diluent: 3S Diluant or ECO Diluant
    Packaging: 25 kg

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