Thermoplastic retroreflective resin

Réf. : 3S-6750
Retro thermoplastic resin ORETHERM D - BAST Certification

ORETHERM D is a thermoplastic retro-reflective resin. BAST (Germany) certified product no. 2017 1DH 04.01.

  • Remarkable durability: P7 Certification
  • High level of retro-reflection: R5 Certification
  • Excellent daytime visibility: Q5 Certification
Caractéristiques techniques

Dosage of certification : 2000μm
Dosage: ECHOSTAR 5 TRM SRT SiAL 600 g/m²
Drying time according to conditions of BAST certification: T2
Density NBN in 1097-6: 2.10
Colors: white
Tools: Thermotracer, screed