Réf. : 3S-1090
Est nettoyable au diluant ECO / ECO diluent / ECO Verdünner

Urban Certification n° 1H 1107 S1
Road Certificatiion n° 1RH 1108 S1

Toluene free white paint
Quick drying and low odor release
Pleasant to use and performing for any urban marking work
Urban:certified 1 000 000 wheel passes
P5 class
Road:certified 500 000 wheel passes
P4 class
Anti slippery:S1 class
Retro reflection:R3 class for road marking

Caractéristiques techniques

NF certification urban dosage: product 570g/m²
glass grains 220g/m²
ref GEM 500

NF certification road dosage: product 615g/m²
beads + glass grains 525g/m²
ref GV 125 600

Drying time: 10 minutes
Density: 1.54
Colors: white
Tools: Airless machine

Packaging: 25 kg, 7 kg