Urban paint - Great whiteness and strong anti-slip

Réf. : ORE03061
Urban paint - Great whiteness and strong anti-slip
Est nettoyable au diluant ECO / ECO diluent / ECO Verdünner

Specifically designed for urban marking, CEZAR is a solvent-based urban paint, formulated without toluene and chlorine. Thanks to its anti-slip and whiteness, it ensures a very high level of safety.

Certification Num 1H 1706 S3 / P5-Q3-S3

  • Formulated without toluene and chlorinated paraffin, it contains fewer substances that are harmful to applicators.

Excellent durability: certified for 1,000,000 wheel passes - P5 Class
Very strong anti-slip: S3 Class
High whiteness: Q3 Class
Low dusting: 90 g/m².
Quick return to traffic: drying time of 6 min. at 20°C

Caractéristiques techniques

NF dosage of product: 530 g/m²
Anti-slip load: 90 g/m² - Ref. : Minigrain M2
Density: 1.67
Colour: White
Tool: Airless Machine
Thinner: ECO Thinner
Packaging: 25 kg

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