Water-based road and urban paint

Réf. : 3S-1910
Applicable au pistolet
Produit dilué et nettoyable à l'eau / Product diluted and cleanable with water

FRENCH ASCQUER CERTIFICATIONS N°1H924S2 (urban) and 1RH1558S1 (road)
Designed for road or urban markings, TRITON is a versatile and efficient water-based paint with a high power of anti-slippery.
TRITON has a high whiteness power and preserves the environment (NF Environment certifications)

Excellent lasting: certified 2 000 000 wheel passes in road use (P6 class)
Anti slippery: S2 class in urban use

Caractéristiques techniques

1H924S2 (urban version):
NF Dosage :
Product : 780 g/m² + Glass grains GEM 500 : 515 g/m²

1RH1558S1 (road version):
NF Dosage :
Product : 790 g/m² + Glass beads Starlitebead 1000 GV + GX425-125 : 1065 g/m²

Touch dry 1H924S2 (urban version): 3 minutes @ 21°C
Touch dry 1RH1558S1 (road version): 7 minutes @ 24°C
Density : 1.68
Color: White
Tools used: Airless or roller

Packaging: 25 kg