Hydraulic Walk Behind Striper

Réf. : MAT0059
GRACO LINELAZER™ V 130HS GRACO LINELAZER™ V 130HS Dashboard Spraying of 130HS

The LineLazer 130HS is the ultimate hydraulic airless striping unit that contractors rely on for their most challenging striping jobs. Professional striping contractors wanting hydraulic performance and proven power cannot go wrong with the LineLazer 130HS.

    • No hydraulic wedging due to the special design of the shuttle.
    • Easy and quick disassembly of the pump with basic tools.
    • Optimized product flow for maximum pumping efficiency. Adjustable cable gland for tightening on site.
    • ABS housing: does not break, bend or rust.
    • Anti-crushing strainer, total suction of the paint drum.
    • Manual hose reel under the handlebar - Parking brake.
    • Swivel front wheel equipped with the Fat system Track™ which allows you to stay in line despite obstacles - Radius Lock-In™qui wheel locking system allows you to reproduce circular tracks.
    • The spray gun can be mounted on the front or rear of the machine.

    Compatible with the LineDriver seating driving system to double your production rates and reduce operator fatigue.

    Caractéristiques techniques

    Max Flow – l/min. (gpm): 9.5 (2.5) 

    Max. Tip Size – 1 gun: 0,055"

    Max. Tip Size – 2 guns: 0.039"

    Max. Tip Size – 3 guns: 0.033"

    Motor Rating: 390 cm³ - Electric Start

    Max. Pressure – bar (PSI): 227 bars (3300)

    Weight: 119 kg 

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