Hydraulic Ride-On Striper

Réf. : LLV250DC
Graco Linelazer V 250DC automatic series Graco Linelazer V 250DC reflective series

Perfectly suited for airports, municipalities, transport departments and for anyone who needs to spray highlighted lines or any other two-tone marking.
The LineLazer™ V 250DC redefines the productivity and flexibility of line marking by spraying two colours simultaneously in patterns up to 90 cm (36 in.) wide.
It has 2 hydraulic pumps of 9.5 litres/min and an auto-traction system.

Available in 2 versions: AUTOMATIC and REFLECTIVE version.

The AUTOMATIC version includes:
- Dual Graco hydraulic motors.
- Dual Endurance piston pumps.
- Front wheel with automatic centering.
- Triggering the gun in manual, automatic and semi-automatic mode

The REFLECTIVE version also includes:
- EZ Bead pressurized microbead system.

Compatible with the LineDriver seating driving system to double your production rates and reduce operator fatigue.

Caractéristiques techniques

Max Flow – l/min. (gpm): 9.5 (2.5) 

Max. Tip Size – 1 gun: 0,055"

Max. Tip Size – 2 guns: 0.039"

Max. Tip Size – 3 guns: 0.033"

Motor Rating: 390 cm³ - Electric Start

Max. Pressure – bar (PSI): 230 bars (3300)

Weight: 341 kg (AUTOMATIC) - 392 kg (REFLECTIVE)

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