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ViaDécor urban decorative surfacing: combine shapes and materials for the security of one and all!

Today, the various means of transport (trucks, cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, hoverboards, pedestrians, etc.) modify traffic and reduce the attention of users.

ViaDécor considers solutions to ensure that public roads are better understood by users in city centre or suburban areas.
For example, the application of coloured, non-slip or vibrating coatings for public roads increases visual and tactile contrasts and defines different areas. It offers a better reading of the lanes for users...

Coloured paints

Coloured paints can be used to enhance and decorate all types of outdoor surfaces (racing circuits, bicycle paths, schoolyards, traffic islands, parking spaces...) and have excellent resistance to abrasion and UV, good resistance to mineral oils, greases, etc...

Urban resins

Our urban resins are dyed in the mass and particularly non-slip. They are perfectly suited to the construction of road, urban and private decorative surfacing: parking access ramps, bridges, station platforms, bicycle paths, commercial areas...

Resin bounded gravel and aggregates

Our resin bounded gravel are ideal for private (terraces, house or garage entrances, driveways...) or public spaces (pedestrian streets, squares, sidewalks...). They are very resistant to heavy traffic, anti-slip and have a wide choice of aggregate colours. Different granulometries are available depending on the traffic (pedestrian streets, high traffic areas, roundabouts...).

Synthetic cobblestones

Let your imagination run wild with synthetic pavers. Aesthetic and easy to install, our cobblestones offer great possibilities in urban decoration with their 16 colours and their multiple shapes.
To give a safe quality to certain areas, flat paving stones can be combined with rumble strip cobblestones that encourage car drivers to exercise extra caution.


Used to separate and delimit traffic lanes, the borders are crossable or non-crossable. Made of methacrylate resin, they are available in 9 colours and are suitable for entrances/exits to car parks, pedestrian areas, etc.