Pavers with relief - Extreme durability

Grey Chambord cobblestones Grey Chambord cobblestones
Crème / Cream / Creme

Cobblestones industrially manufactured in methacrylate resin & marble aggregates 0.6-1.25.
Chambord pavers are cobblestones with relief made in full mass, obtaining a strong non-slip surface.

- Stability 
- Do not deform
- Aesthetics
- Mechanical resistance
- High anti-skid properties

Stone collection: resin dyed in the mass with marble granulates granulometry 0.6-1.25.
Retro collection: resin dyed in the mass with glass beads.

Caractéristiques techniques

Dimensions: 12 x 15 cm
Thickness: from 5 to 10 mm 
Colours stone collection: grey, cream, white, oxide red, light grey, dark grey, dark yellow, light yellow, marble yellow, marble white, light pink, dark yellow
Colours retro collection: white retro
1 m²